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In the Book of Zechariah, there is a passage about Archangel Jeremiel, which says that “the Lord Almighty will be his name. On that day there shall be no mourning in Jerusalem.” (Zech. 9:11) According to some traditions, Jeremiel is called the Angel of Joy and he leads God’s people through peaceful times with hope and joy.

The name “Jeremiel” is a combination of the Hebrew words “Yerêmíel” meaning the booty (of God, i.e., Heaven), and “Ya’ámil” meaning the mighty one, which means that he is an angel who will be responsible for carrying out God’s heavenly policies.

He is called the Angel of Joy because he reconciles people with God and ensures that they maintain joy in their lives.

He also leads God’s people through peaceful times with hope and joy. Jeremiel is also considered to be the guardian angel for King David in the Bible’s First Book of Samuel (“An angel went out from David and smote Goliath”).

The Archangel Jeremiel is also called the Angel of Hope. This is because he serves as a guide to believers in the most difficult times of life. He brings with him the Holy Spirit who will help and support them along their journey through trials and tests.

Is Archangel Jeremiel In Bible?

In Zechariah 9:11, it is written that when the Lord Almighty comes to earth from Heaven, He will be called Jeremiel.

This passage states that God’s wrath will not be upon the people on that day, but rather his mercy and salvation. Some scholars think that this passage may refer to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the final judgment of mankind.

While the name Jeremiel is not found in any of the standard lists of angels, nor is it explicitly mentioned near other references to angels.

It has been argued that this name is an anachronism or corruption of the name Yerael (Hebrew) which was assigned to Michael before his fall.

The term “Jeremiel”, however, is found in Zechariah 9:11 and Isaiah 27:6, which may refer to the Archangel Jeremiel; his name does not appear in any Roman Catholic or Protestant Church Bible texts.

What is the duty of Angel Jeremiel?

In order to understand the role of the angel Jeremiel, one should consider that angels, in general, are a created source of God’s infinite power and creativity.

They are often termed “ministering spirits” sent down by Almighty God to assist those who need help and guidance.

Angels guide humans through their lives so that they can have peace, happiness, and inner strength throughout their lives.

To know more about what an angel is or does, you may check the article about archangel Michael.

Some people believe that angels are assigned specific “tasks” in accordance with their names or characteristics.

Angel Jeremiel has a mission to protect and to guide God’s people in their struggles, whether they be walks of life, with friends, or with enemies.

Angel Jeremiel also helps people “reach out” to others with compassion and understanding.

The name given to Jeremiel literally means “God’s booty”. He was sent by God when He created the world and is entrusted with carrying out his heavenly policies on earth so that He will be done here too as it does in Heaven.

What is the meaning of Archangel Jeremiel’s name?

Jeremiel’s name implies that he has a relationship with both “heaven” and “earth“. That he is the Angel of Hope may imply that there is always hope for those who seek comfort from him through prayers.

Through such prayers, one can receive hope and peace of mind, strength, and support. Angel Jeremiel helps one to go through the most difficult times of life.

One thing you can be sure of: If you are ever in need of help, or guidance, or advice, or some kind of assistance, or anything else – ask Archangel Jeremiel for help.

How Do I Contact Archangel Jeremiel?

You may contact him through prayers and also through performing an act of kindness. Ask him, “What do I need?”

He will answer you in the way you expect and may even provide you with simple but effective solutions. Remember that he is sent by Almighty God and hence is trustworthy, generous, and just.

He will always give his best to help whoever asks him for help. Jeremiel loves children and he loves people who keep their promises.

He may reveal himself to you by sending dreams or visions of angels or some other forms of spiritual guidance.

His appearance in dreams or visions is usually an indication that one is under his protection or under some kind of trial that needs angelic assistance.

Don’t let the absence of direct references to Archangel Jeremiel is the Bible stop you from turning to this angel for help. Just stand on faith and know that you are being helped through your prayers and kind actions.

He will never leave you, so even if he is not mentioned in the Bible or most Church texts, have trust that he is always present with you in your time of need. He will be there to help and encourage you to explore the possibilities available for a better life.

Archangel Jeremiel wants everyone to be happy and well-guided so turn to him whenever you feel lost or alone.

How Strong Is Angel Jeremiel?

People often wonder how strong the archangels are. Some scholars in Theology have written that angels have no strength of their own. Angels have their strength from God and they need his permission to move or help anyone.

In Zechariah 1:14, it is written that Almighty God will be sending “angels with voices” to give guidance for His people.

Many scholars argue that these “voices” refer to Archangel Jeremiel’s voice, but only He knows this for sure because he was sent to serve as a guide and protector of God’s people in these difficult times of life.

Many have asked this question because they think that Archangel Jeremiel is too weak to fight the evil around them. But he is a strong archangel, one of the strongest.

He is given the task to guide and protect God’s people through their struggles, whether they be walks of life, with friends, or with enemies. Jeremiel will help you expose lies, reveal the truth, and provide hope when you feel hopeless.

He never failed in his duty as a guardian angel for King David. Never take him lightly because he can help you fight your enemies so long as you ask for his assistance and act on it by doing your part honestly and sincerely.


Hope is a good thing to have. It is what keeps you going when times are hard and you feel like giving up. Hope can inspire you to be more than what you are, and it can help you achieve your dreams.

That is why Angel Jeremiel inspires hope in people through the hardships of life, so that they may overcome them in the end through God’s grace and with his divine guidance because he always has their best interests at heart.

If you ever felt depressed or suffering from anxiety, then call out for Archangel Jeremiel. He will help you get on your feet and he will be there for you to provide help, strength, and guidance during your darkest hours.

Remember that he is the only angel who strayed away from God and he was forgiven because of it. He provides hope for people, even when they think that all hopes are lost.

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