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Archangel Michael is one of the three strongest angels. His name means “he who is like God.” He was considered second to God’s throne.

The only angel with more power than he was Gabriel. Together they were known as the highest-ranked angels.

Who is Archangel Michael?

The oldest writings about Michael are in the Testament of Abraham (likely written in the 2nd – 4th centuries A.D.). In those texts, Michael appears as a priest taking Abraham to see God.

There were five angels, including and , that appeared before men:

  1. Michael
  2. Gabriel
  3. Shamshiel
  4. Raphael and
  5. Uriel

The Testament of Abraham says that at God’s command Michael was sent on various missions to retrieve items necessary for creating the universe or humanity.

He retrieved two pieces of fire from the sun and two more from Venus (the morning star). He also recovered light from Mercury (the star of wisdom). With this light, he created Adam’s eyes.

How powerful is Saint Michael the Archangel?

“He was able to take the sun out of Abraham’s hand while he was being held by it.” This means that he could overpower someone who had complete control over the sun.

The Archangel Michael has many roles in Catholicism. He is considered a healer, guardian, defender, and helper for people in need. No other angel has so much recorded history helping men on Earth.

At times he helped humanity through signs (such as when he destroyed Sodom) or through direct contact with a man (such as his advice to Daniel).

Saint Michael the archangel is also depicted in artwork at the Vatican where he appears near God’s throne fighting Satan; this suggests that though both are strong angels, Michael is greater than Satan himself.

As an archangel, Saint Michael also appears in the Old Testament. In one story, he is sent to rescue a child from an angel who was going to kill it for disobeying God’s orders.

In another tale, Saint Michael leads the Army of God against Egypt and its gods.

Saint Michael is famous for his battles with Satan and demons. As mentioned above, most of what we know about him comes from stories that depict these battles.

Christians believe that even though Satan fell from God’s grace because of his pride, he will fall again at Doomsday when he faces Saint Michael and the Army of God once more.

Are Michael and Lucifer the same angel in the Bible?

Michael is considered an archangel in Judeo-Christian religions. The word “archangelcomes from Greek and means “high angel“. However, the name Lucifer does not appear in Catholic lore at all though he appears in the King James Bible (a Christian text).

So, who is Lucifer? The names that come up when discussing Lucifer are Satan, Mephistopheles or Mephisto, Beelzebub or Baalzebub, Abaddon or Apollyon, Apopompaeus, Asmodeus, Goetic demon Astaroth, Serpent of paradise, Demon of the dawning star. The list goes on… But none of them are references to Saint Michael’s supposed counterpart.

In Bible, Lucifer is mentioned once. It’s in Isaiah 14:12-15, which reads: “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weakens the nations!”

Therefore, archangel Michael and Lucifer are not the same angels.

Which angel is more popular, the Angel Michael, or the Angel Gabriel?

Ancient sources did not record any appearances by Gabriel. In fact, Michael’s name appears more often in the Bible than Gabriel’s does.

However, that is because he had a great variety of roles to play during his time on Earth while Gabriel kept watch from Heaven.

In terms of popularity, Saint Michael has been highly decorated through art and other pieces where he is depicted as an angel with a sword and scales.

He was even called upon by Constantine 1 for help against his enemies. As one of only two angels mentioned in the Bible (the other being Archangel Uriel), he holds a special place in many people’s hearts – Christians and non-Christians alike.

Saint Michael is an archangel who led God’s Army against evil in several stories, such as those where he saved young boys like Tobit and Jeremiah.

On the other hand, Archangel Gabriel only appeared once according to the Bible (in Luke 1:26-38) where she told Mary that she would bear a child called Jesus Christ.

Saint Michael is more active on Earth than Gabriel. He had many roles with humans whereas Gabriel spent most of his time observing from Heaven and giving messages to people like Mary and Daniel. However, they both served important roles in Christianity – but then again, so did many other angels!

So in short, Archangel Michael is more popular than archangel Gabriel.

How to call out Archangel Michael?

People sometimes ask Archangel Michael to watch over them when they are in need. Some people pray directly to him, while others simply think about him and his sword of blue flame.

It’s important to know what Archangel Michael stands for, how he came into existence, and the kinds of services he provides before asking him for help or protection.

He is a warrior who carries a fiery sword, but he also represents balance and illumination – according to the lore at least.

In order to call upon him, one could say: “Archangel Michael/Saint Michael/Angel of the Lord/God’s Warrior/Prince of Light/Heavenly Hosts… Please protect me from all things that lead to harm! Use your sword against any forces that lead to evil, and illuminate me with your presence. Thank you for watching over me.”

Another way to call upon Archangel Michael is reminding yourself of his virtues: humility, wisdom, courage, patience… But be careful not to fall into pride!

An important reminder that he gave to the Prophet Muhammad was that one must feel humility before God – even if one is a prophet or an angel. He also told Saint Patrick this message when the saint felt unworthy of being baptized by him.

So from these texts, we can see how Archangel Michael works as a warrior against evil but also as a source of illumination and protection for those who seek it.

Who does Archangel Michael protect?

Archangel Michael is the protector of many people and places, but he has a special affinity for the Jews and the Holy City: Jerusalem.

People who feel drawn to him can pray in his name when they find themselves in danger or in need of protection.

For example, some women prayed to him when they felt threatened by their abusive husbands because Saint Michael was known as a powerful angel who fights against such evil – particularly domestic violence.

The Prophet Muhammad once asked Archangel Michael to help the people in battle during a conflict with Christians.

He then told him that he (Muhammad) would cut his sword if Saint Michael’s didn’t work against their enemies – which is quite an interesting story!

According to legend, Archangel Michael also watched over King Solomon after God gave him magical powers.

Both were strong leaders and warriors who fought against evil – but they also helped people by giving them wise advice.

So Archangel Michael is a protector for many Jews, Christians, and Muslims – which makes sense since he was mentioned in all three religions!

He also represents protection from slavery and physical harm as well as mental or emotional suffering.

Is Archangel Michael God’s first angel?

Archangel Michael is not the first angel created by God, but he’s definitely one of the oldest. In some texts, he is described as a powerful angel that God sends to eradicate evil – and in ancient Judeo-Christian lore, it says that Satan was actually an Archangel who rebelled against him! So in short, yes: Archangel Michael is a very old angel in the Christian tradition.

Some people also believe that Archangel Michael was with Noah when he built the Ark in order to save his family from a flood.

Others believe that he was actually Noah’s guardian angel and he helped him by giving him the right guidance and tools to complete his task.

So, Archangel Michael is not God’s first angel. He existed before the creation of Adam and Eve, but he was not present in Heaven.

How powerful is Saint Michael the Archangel?

One way to tell how powerful Michael is compared to other angels is that he’s one of the seven archangels who appear in the Bible – that means he ranks very highly among his celestial peers.

Some biblical texts also say that when Archangels Gabriel and Raphael asked God for wisdom, He sent them to Michael for advice rather than giving it directly.

Michael seems like the all-knowing leader… But not necessarily! According to some sources, Archangel Raphael outranked Saint Michael when they both stood before God with prayers from humanity.

It’s also important to remember that in angel lore, their sheer power depends on many things: their name (that could be one reason why Archangel Uriel has more strength than Archangel Metatron), where they were created (angels that were made in Heaven rank higher than those who were only created on Earth), and the quality of their name (the length of the ‘angelic’ name can contribute to its power).

So, Archangel Michael is incredibly powerful but he might not be as powerful as other Archangels like Raphael.

What is the relationship between Archangel Michael and Jesus?

According to Christian angels lore, Archangel Michael was with Jesus during his crucifixion – but they didn’t always get along.

For example, when Jesus told one of his disciples to fight another disciple for not washing his feet before dinner (a normal act of humility), it’s said that Jesus pointed at Saint Michael and told him to do battle against Satan because he would not be able to win.

But other texts say that Archangel Michael sometimes wanted Jesus to forgive people who had done bad things instead of punishing them! Yet other texts say that Michael did fight Satan when he tried to steal the soul of Jesus after the crucifixion.

So there’s no one answer about Archangel Michael and Jesus’ relationship – but it seems like they were on good terms most of the time!

Did Michael the Archangel have a son?

No – Michael the Archangel had no sons. There are a few different reasons why people think he had a son: there’s some angel lore that says Michael fathered a demon named Asmodeus, and some Jewish texts say that an angel called Jeremiel is his child.

But what about the story where Saint Michael the Archangel went to the Garden of Eden after Lucifer was cast out from Heaven?

According to Christian angels lore, it was actually Jesus who visited Adam and Eve! So no – Archangel Michael did not visit the Garden of Eden with Archangel Gabriel either.

Apart from that, Angels can’t produce a son. They’re celestial beings and their power comes from God, so they can’t reproduce or create anything.

How powerful is Archangel Michael compared to humans?

It depends on a few factors: how spiritually developed a person is, their connection to God, and the quality of their name. Angels only have power when they’re requested or if they work for an Archangel that has more power than them!

By knowing this, you know that Saint Michael the Archangel is much more powerful than regular humans because not everyone requests his help. A human who has god’s grace is more powerful than most of the angels.


Archangel Michael is one of the most well-known and powerful angels in Christian angel lore because he’s battling evil by sending messages to people who can fight it.

Despite this, his power varies a lot depending on factors like the quality of their name and where they’re from.

And just remember that even though Archangel Michael outranked other Archangels during wars in Heaven, he might not be as powerful as other Archangels!

But for all we know, Saint Michael the Archangel might have been Jesus’ closest angel so he could be very strong.

Thanks for reading our article about Archangel Michael! What do you think about archangel Michael? Comment below!

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