Chocolate Day Meaning & Symbolism – Spiritual Connection and Science

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Let me explain the symbolic meaning of dark chocolate first then we will move to the roots of Chocolate day and its existence, then we will discuss the science behind the chocolate that made it more popular in our rituals. Let me start with symbolism first

The dark chocolate symbolizes that some traits of yours would be classy and cultured. You likewise don’t shift back and forth with regards to sentiments you persevere and this generally gets noticed by your peers. You make strong decisions full of passion and energy. Also, you connect with some people very strongly and love being around them.

The chocolate-giving custom is new however the underlying foundations of Valentine’s Day are from the way back to the Romanian time. The Chocolate has been special with deep meaning and symbolism since then. In 1840s Valentine’s Day has come up as a culture of celebration of love and romance, all over the planet with roses, and gifts.

Chocolate is considered a sign of affection, devotion, and love since the time of the Aztecs. The Aztecs were a Mesoamerican culture that prospered in central Mexico around 700 years ago. Aztecs considered Chocolate as an aphrodisiac food. An aphrodisiac food is a food or medication, that stimulates the instinct of romance, deep love, or sexual pleasure.

If we talk about some scientific facts, Chocolate contains “theobromine”, and “phenylethylamine”, which gives strength to our brain. In Scientific research led by the Drexel University of Philadelphia, Chocolate utilization makes your Brain discharge the delight hormone, “Dopamine“, which instigates your mood of love.

Science has demonstrated that Chocolate stimulates Love. An amino acid called, “Tryptophan”, is found in little amounts in Chocolate. Our Brain makes use of this Amino acid to produce Serotonin. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that brings the feeling of happiness. So when we consume chocolate it eventually forms Serotonin which makes us happy.

Chocolate also has many other symbolic meanings like happiness, passion, commitment, love, care, and blissful life. Chocolate opens your heart and lets you get deep into your feelings, true love-based association with yourself, with others, and with nature. It advances strong venturing and association with your profound insight and guides.

Chocolate is said to contain substances that raise wants and make the beloved one open to sharing sentiments.

In past, this has brought the custom in European society to give chocolates to their beloved ones mixed with amber to raise the subtle feelings of love and care. When we consume chocolate, a quick chemical reaction is performed in our brain, resulting in the release of “Happy Hormones”. Thus, eating chocolate gifted by somebody make you happy about them.

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